Jun 23, 2009

Ward Head Happy Over Borehole for His Community

Posted by Yiro Abari
The Ward Head of Gura Kumkum Ward in Tudun Wada suburb of Jos North has expressed his happiness over a borehole project by a Youth Corp member in his ward, Miss. Emmanuel Nkehinyere Flora.
Da Stephen P Zang could not hide his gratitude for the Corp member for her ability to do what previous government administrations have not been able to do, despite the resources available to them. He recommended Nkechinyere for an award and said he has learnt a lesson that has thought him to admonish their own children serving in other states to try to do same to their host communities. He said that their quest for a convenient source of water supply in the ward dates back to 1995 and that it is surprising that it is a Corp member that has been able to provide a borehole for them. Within the period of their struggle for water, he says the best thing the were able to achieve was a network of pipes that have never hosted or channeled water since they were installed by one of the previous administrations. He however expressed confidence that the present administration would finally consolidate on their water needs by ensuring that portable water reaches every nook and cranny of his ward.

Recently, a local government Chairman was elected for Jos North. Da Zang expressed his awareness of the fact that the new chairman has plans for all the wards in the area. His community will hence wait patiently for their turn to benefit from the plans of the new chairman. The ward will thus give the necessary support to any government, its official or agency that is willing to do anything to help his ward.

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