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The News Tower is a publication founded by Yiro Abari in Jos, Nigeria in September, 2007. Prior to the establishment of the News Tower, Yiro had written articles for the Nigerian Standard in Jos since 2006. It was an outcome of a strong love for writing as he never had any training in writing,, having studied Geology and Mining from the University of Jos.

For sometime now, the News Tower have been soft-pedaling on the issues of news reporting and concentrates more on classical information that will always be relevant anytime.  It concentrates on the issue of relevance to society for which it has interest in. The basis of the interest is founded on the relevance of the information to the progress of Nigeria. At the News Tower, we understand that there is information about Plateau State Nigeria that is not adequately available online. As a result, we place the burden of finding this information and making it available to whoever desires it on its shoulders.

At the News Tower, we know the worth of accurate information and we strongly fight any attempt to censor what we publish by any money- brandishing politician. We understand that the visits we get are dependent on the faith people have in what we publish. This is the fuel that sustains, in part, our philosophy to publish only the right facts. Part of the fuel comes for our love of the relevance of the truth as the truth made us what we are today: confident. 

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