Jun 13, 2009

How I met Abba Bukar

Hon. Khadija

Honorable Khadija Abba Ibrahim is one of Nigeria’s handfuls of women at the Nigerian House of Reps in Abuja. She however represents a mega constituency comprising four local governments of Yobe State in North Eastern Nigeria.

Khadija is not as plain as she appears to be. She was born with a silver cutlery. To underscore the wholesomeness of the silver with which she was born, one needs to understand that her father, Waziri Ibrahim was one of Africa’s three wealthiest men at the peak of his prosperity. He founded one of the five political parties of the second republic; the Great Nigeria’s People Party, GNPP and contested for the most exalted position of President on its podium. That is not all, the first Governor of the Northern Region, Kashim Ibrahim, was her maternal granddad. She is just one in a long line of regal personalities.

Despite the towering political consciousness of the north of Nigeria, culture has kept its women behind the political horizon. The cultural conservatism of the north is so unyielding that only a few women have access to western education. Usually a unique combination of factors paves the way for a young girl to have western education. In her own case her parents, by their backgrounds were able to overcome the barrier. This prepared the way for her, enabling her to attend Edenton School Oxford. From there she went to Caldwell College in Readings also in the UK where she bagged a Diploma in Business and Finance. She then capped that up with a Degree in Business Studies and Sociology from the University of Surrey. With such an educational background the cultural barrier could not but crumble down before her. She then walked across the rubbles into politics.

Robins flock together; sparrows also flock together. It is only preposterous that eagles will not flock together. It explains why her spouse is also a legislator, a Senator. Bukar Abba is the strongman of Yobe politics that has been its governor three times.
Khadija used to be a marketing Manager of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria. Bukar Abba as a Governor gave her a position in his cabinet as a Commissioner. She accepted. The cabinet relationship however faded into a romantic relationship. They eventually became husband and wife.

Khadija loves keeping fit. Other favorite pastimes of hers involve reading the Holy Koran and novels.

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