Feb 12, 2010

Anglican Gay Bishop Scandal

First it was the ordination of Gene Robinson 2003 and now Rev. Mary Glasspool who was elected as Assistant Bishop of Los Angeles Diocese early in December. The Bishop of the Bukuru Anglican Diocese in Plateau State Nigeria, Jwanpo Zhumbes, said that in-as-much-as the trend in the US is disturbing, the best approach is not to severe relationship with the Anglican Church in the United States of America but to cut off communion with them. That is expected to compel them into retracing their steps. The approach even within a congregation is not to severe a relationship with a backslider but to, at worst, ex-communicate that individual

According to Zhumbes, the Anglican Church, as a whole, is a communion. The continental bodies are hence autonomous. Due to this, it will be impractical to do more than they had done. This explains why even Rowan Williams at Canterbury did not come out with a clear position on the issue.

The gay issue within the church compelled the Global Anglican Bishop Conference (GABCON) to meet, about a year ago and had deliberations for about two weeks. The result was the policy statement saying that they have resolved to continue to uphold the tradition of absolute adherence to the Bible. By that, GABCON automatically cut off communion with the American offshoot of the church that believes in the incorporation of their cultural beliefs into the traditional doctrine of the church which is drawn from the Bible.

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