The News Tower Magazine started in September, 2007 as a youth magazine by the name of Inside J-Town. Inside J-Town was meant to take advantage of the opening that seemed to exist for any magazine with an interest in youth matters in Jos, Nigeria.

Inside J-Town had sections that included Professions and Happiness, Tourism, Flying Colors, The Stage and the Screens, Undiscovered Talents, World History to mention just the major sections.

It turned out that there was a loophole in the research that led us to believe that a youth magazine will succeed in Jos. We failed to find out the zeal of the youths in the direction of reading. The youths in Jos didn’t seem to hunger for information, the only way to emancipate themselves from ignorance and economic slavery.

Despite the poor sales of the magazine that led to copies given out for free, it recorded huge successes: the discovery of Super Eagles superstar, Ahmed Musa, in the town of Bukuru. Nonetheless, we decided to broaden the scope of the magazine, leading to the adoption of the name to cover new areas and the name, News Tower was adopted with the first edition coming out in December 2007. The News Tower at the time it was founded was the first publication in Jos that published Plateau news online. Any other news item about Jos available online at the time came from national publications based, mostly, in Lagos and Abuja.

In January of 2008, the first edition of News Tower went online with the url www.newstower.joslinks.com. It was like living in bondage. Subsequently, www.newstower.org was adopted. Still we saw more convenience in adopting the blog website http://newstoweronline.blogspot.com in 2010.

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