Feb 5, 2014

Candida Treatment

Use sugar without hassles after just ten days
cabin biscuit
I have lived with this guilt for a very long time, the guilt that I could be holding the knowledge of the cure for Candida Yeast Infection when there are people out there that need this knowledge to end the nightmare they live with. 

Sometime around 1998/99 my life started the plunge into what I may call an abyss: my health started spinning.  I tried hospitals for medical help and each time doctors run out of ideas they told me that I was not ill, that I should go out and socialize with people, that my situation was psychological. Each time this suggestion was made to me I felt like my heart’s been stabbed with a jack knife.

The worst thing about my experience was the weakness that came with sugar consumption. The weakness made me a slugabed, procrastinating on bed when everyone was already awake. I experienced toe nail fungus (I did not know it had anything to do with Candida, at the time). I continued consuming sugar, since I wasn’t aware it was my greatest enemy. I suffered, I suffered, I suffered and had to abandon my job in the city where I lived at the time and returned to my native city to stay without a job.

Thanks to the internet. In 2008 I became an expert author for www.ezinearticles.com. Each time one logs on to the home page of the site he sees photos of authors which the site scrolls randomly. That was how I came across the profile of an African-American lady that, in her bio, was said to have struggled with Candida infection for many years. I goggled: “Candida yeast infection” and read the character of the infection. What I found out turned out to be a miracle. I discovered the symptoms of the infection where things that I had experienced. The confirmation that what I suffered was Candida was the toe fungus I had experienced.
I read about things that encouraged the spread and endurance of the infection. It turned out that white sugar and carbohydrates help Candida to flourish. But the question was how can I abstain from the use of carbohydrate? That was the nightmare.

I could not eat freely and I had to use green vegetables constantly: green vegetables were the only way to moderate a chemical compound that causes the weakness. Somehow, I learned to avoid sugar and certain foods that feed the growth of the infection. I used olive oil, vinegar and bought certain probiotics online. Help was nowhere in sight and I was becoming hopeless.

In May 2010 I traveled to the city of Markudi to design a website for a non-governmental organization. In my hotel room the next morning I requested the hotel attendants to buy Peak milk, Cabin Biscuits and sugar. They helped with a kettle of hot water and I had my tea and proceeded to the office. In the afternoon, the office bought me a lunch of yogurt and meat pie. 

Later that evening I became very sick. I bought a malaria drug that I did not use, nevertheless. The next day I felt a remarkable relief of my condition like I had never experienced. Three days later I left the city and returned home, but I returned with a flyer they had given me. Back in Jos I read the flyer, which promoted healthy living, to discover that yogurt heals Candida.  It became the reason why I traveled to Markudi twice with the aim of eating Tito Yogurt, the yogurt I had eaten while I was there in Markudi. But, unlike my first journey, the yogurt did not give me any relief. I returned to Jos, frustrated. I later tried NVRI yogurt in Jos to no avail. Instead the sugar in the yogurt only worsened my condition.

I spent my money, importing Candida cures from the US to no avail. i subscribed to websites that claim they had solutions to Candida Yeast Infection to no avail. I lost hope that I could ever get cured of Candida.

I had occasionally eaten Cabin Biscuits with signs of relief for my condition, but I never worried about trying it again; there were many things that gave me that transient relief and I thought that Cabin Biscuits was just one of such foods. I knew that Cabin Biscuit is sweetened, but I can’t remember it getting me weakened for three days like sugar often did. I loved it because it serves a purpose when I hadn’t time to prepare a meal. Each time I shop at a super market and I see it, there is the good chance that I will include it in my cart.  
Sometime in the early part of 2014 I bought a pack of the snack and ate it over a three-day period. I remember getting extremely sad while eating it. it was the die-off syndrome.  When I finished the pack I bought another without a break. The continued usage was just coincidental. I can’t remember the number of packs I had used back to back. I am sure they weren’t more than three, eaten within a time span of about a week. 

Living with the Candida compelled me to stop the use of sugar in 2011. It was difficult initially, but I became used to it. During that period I had resorted to the use of alternative sweeteners for my tea (I find it difficult to live without taking tea). One of these sweeteners hurt worst than sugar does. It added an additional health burden of living with bleeding gums. One day when I was about to have a cup of tea, something told me: “to hell with sugar.” I decided to add sugar to that cup of tea –I had abstained from the use of sugar for more than two years and I was willing to gamble. I was surprised that I did not feel the weakness that sugar often caused, not the slightest bit of it. I remembered the relief Cabin had always given me, I remember that, while in Markudi, I felt a relief and thought it was yogurt, but I had also used Cabin Biscuit that day too. I remembered my endless session eating about three packs of the snack and came to the conclusion that the snack was the cure. I have continued to eat my sugar since then.

There are, at times, different brands of Cabin Biscuits and not all of them serve this purpose. The packaging of the brand that helps has evolved, but is now the Yale Version. On the package there is a graphical illustration showing persons wearing academic gowns. The typical packaging is one that appears with this post. What I do not know is whether Cabin Biscuit is produced elsewhere outside of Nigeria.  In Nigeria it is produced by the Niger Biscuits Company Limited (http://www.nigerbiscuit.com/pro_oxford.php)and it is available in nearly every street shop.

I have written to some of those sites I had subscribed to, telling them I had found that Cabin Biscuit cures Candida. Till today, none of them replied me to seek further clarification or to confirm my claims. 

If you are a Candida patient, you can try it. After all, it is just a meal.

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