Feb 27, 2009

Plateau Gold Medalists Receive N200, 000

Posted By Yiro Abari
Governor Jonah David Jang today in Government House Rayfield announced cash donations to Plateau athletes to Kada 2009 which ended on Wednesday 25, 2009 at Kaduna. Jang announced that every gold medal won will be rewarded by the sum of N200, 000, N150, 000 for every silver medal, and N100, 000 for every bronze medal. Further more athletes that came home without a medal will be given N10, 000 each. The officials are to share a total sum of N2.5 million naira. The two record breakers in 10, 000m marathon and pole vault are to be given an additional N100, 000 each

The athletes that total up to 281 persons excluding officials won a total of 50 medals out of which nineteen were gold, twelve silver and nineteen bronze, placing them on the ninth position on the medal table. This is despite the crisis that engulfed parts of Jos North and affected the athletes’ preparation. This have proven the government’s position of rewarding only productive persons against the culture of giving out money for mere sycophancy as has been the tradition in the past. This also means that the officials who number up to about one hundred and twenty will take home an average sum of about N21, 000 each, a radical deviation from the tradition of irrational tradition of paying officials more than the athletes.

Jang any athlete that could not get what is due him can write to his office to inform him

Feb 12, 2009

Plateau House of Assembly Inaugurates Committee on Jos Crisis

Posted By Yiro Abari
The Plateau State House of Assembly has today February 12 inaugurated its own committee to investigate the crisis of Jos North Local Government which broke out on November 28 last year। The Chairperson of the committee Joyce L Rapnap said the committee’s terms of reference is to determine the immediate and remote causes of the crisis, x-ray the Local Government Electoral Law of 2004 with the intent of discovery loop holes, to examine how Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission as the main organ of government has administered this law, to make recommendation to the House for further action and any other suggestion that the committee may come up with in the course of carrying out the responsibility.

Thus the committee as a judicial body is only looking at areas that are related to its duties as a law-making organ of government unlike the committee set up by the Executive arm of the state government that intends to look at the issue generally. Mrs. Rapnap said that the House is empowered to do this by section 128 of the 1999 constitution which states that the House of Assembly shall direct or cause to be directed into an enquiry or investigation into any matter or thing with respect to which it has powers to make laws.
With the Inauguration of the committee, the public can now begin to summit memoranda from today. Such submissions are open until February 19, 2009

The chairperson sincerely pledged the committee’s unbiased commitment to getting to the root of the problem and urged people from Jos North to be honest in whatever presentation they will bring before the committee to ensure the real cause of the crisis is uncovered.

Feb 10, 2009

A Belated Later to Stanford Bridge

Posted By Yiro Abari
When a man or a woman becomes a fan to a football club, it becomes part of his life. Every human being works hard to find happiness. He thus tries to influence anything that affects his life to enable him to enjoy maximum joy. Chelsea’s fans around the world are not happy that the club is going badly currently. However the fans cannot all be football managers as too many cooks will definitely mess the broth, even though their suggestions sometimes matter.
As the title indicates, this is a latter that should have been sent immediately Chelsea won the last English FA Cup। Towards the end of that very season there were rumours that Jose Morhinho will be shown the way out. There were series of failures regarding the Champions League in addition to his inability to win that year’s league title. Worst of all was the obvious fact that the team had problems despite winning the FA Cup. My unsent letter was meant to plead with the team management to suspend the dismissal of the coach for a short while.

In-as-much as team managers set goals for coaches and make available the resources the coaches belief will help them to actualize the dreams of the club, we need to take into consideration the nature of the game –the best coach don’t win everyday। In average however, the record of a coach should demonstrate that he is a good coach. One can thus conclude that Morhinho is a good coach.

The aim of this later is not to call for the re-instatement of the Portuguese man back to Stanford Bridge. We know that it will not be possible, at least not in the immediate future. The aim is to ensure that we learn the lessons that have become obvious at Standford Bridge in the last one year an a half. The lesson is that football management requires a lot of resources and one of these resources is patience.


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