Nov 21, 2011

The Ethnic Groups of Plateau State

Map of Nigeria showing Plateau State (in red)
Plateau State is a microcosm of Nigeria, meaning that all ethnic groups in Nigeria are found residing and working in the state. However, the indigenous tribes in Plateau’s seventeen local government areas (in bold type) include:

Barkin Ladi: Berom, Ganang, Ron, kulere.

Bassa: Irigwe, Rukuba, Amo, Buji, Chawai.

Bokkos: Ron, Kulere, Mushere.

Jos East, Afizere.

Jos North: Berom, Anaguta, Afizere.

Jos South: Berom.

Kanam: Bogghom, Jar, Ngas, Taroh.

Kanke: Ngas.

Lantang North: Taroh.

Langtang South: Taroh.

Mangu: Mwaghavul, Pyem, Rumada, Afizere, Berom, Mupun.

Mikang: Tehli, Youm, Koenem, Piapung.

Pankshin: Ngas, Mupun, Chip, Kadung.

Qua’an-pan: Doemak, Kwagalak, Mernyang, Goemai, Jagatnoeng.

Riyom: Berom, Ateng.

Shendam: Goemai.

Wase: Boghom, Jukun, Basharawa, Taroh, Burum, Fulani.


Plateau State, since 2001, has seen recurrent cases of violent conflicts. Within this period, over 7000 lives are estimated to have been l...