Jan 15, 2009

Jang Inaugurates a Commission of Enquiry on Jos Crisis

Posted by Yiro Abari
Following the latest episode of civil unrest that engulf parts of Jos North Local Government Area on November 28 2008, the Plateau State Governor Da Jonah David Jang on January 15, 2009 inaugurated a six-man Commission of Enquiry to investigate the crisis। The commission which is headed by Bola Ajibola an attorney known throughout the world, is charged with the establishment of the immediate and remote causes of the crisis, identification of persons or groups of persons linked directly or indirectly with instigating the disturbance, quantifying the degree of damage in terms of the lives and property lost and recommending ways of averting a reoccurrence of such an upheaval.

Jang in his speech commended President Umar Musa Yar’adua for the leading role he played towards the restoration of peace in the affected area। According to the Governor, he and well meaning people of Plateau State are not opposed to the efforts of the Presidency and the National Assembly towards a lasting peace but that whatever is done by any organ of government should follow a constitutional bearing. Jang stated that prior to assumption of office he took and oath during which he pledged his allegiance to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He noted that it is the same constitution that gave him the powers to set up a commission of enquiry. Going to court to challenge the action of the Federal Government for setting up a parallel commission was to seek a proper interpretation of the law on the issue and is in no way a confrontation of the Presidency.

He dispelled fears that the commission may be bias in the discharge of its function by stressing that members have a global reputation they have built over the years and will never concede to the damage of this reputation as a result of the Jos crisis.

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