Jan 26, 2009

Diamond Bank Bukuru Gives Prizes to Customers

Posted by Yiro Abari

The recapitalization policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria has not only strengthen Nigerian Banks but has encouraged hard work among the Banks and ensured the domination of Africa’s banking sector by Nigerian Banks. The successes of the Nigerian Banks did not however came on a platter of gold as the banks have constantly invented new ways of encouraging their customers.
The Diamond Bank of Nigeria, one of the first banks to recapitalize has a product referred to as the Diamond Savings Xtra. It is a nationwide program that started last year and is meant to reward loyal customers. Across Nigeria, the bank is today giving out prizes to those that emerged victorious in the January edition of the lottery. At the Bukuru branch of the Bank in Jos South Plateau State, Mr. Reuben Nonyelum Okeke and the Catholic Women’s Fellowship of St. Jalaths Catholic Church Bukuru received a Laptop computer and a Spilt Air Conditioner respectively.

Branch Manager of the Bank Mrs. Lilian Philips thanked the customers for Banking with Diamond Bank. She noted that it is real and somebody had received a Toyota Yaris car in one of the bank’s branches during a previous edition of the lottery. While the prize giving ceremony was going on at her own branch of the bank, the Lafiya branch is giving out a staggering N50 million to another customer there in Nassarawaa State. She said one needs a minimum of N10 000 to qualify for a ticket and that the more money you save the more tickets you will have that gives you multiple entries and improves your chances of winning. To qualify for the lottery, one must be an owner of a Disa Savings account.

Pix above: Branch Manager


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