May 10, 2012

Wande Cole Misses a Goldmine

Wande Cole
Wande Cole is that Nigerian music artist and an affiliate of Mohits clique that sang the song bumper to bumper. He is a protégé of D’banj and Don Jazzy, the pioneers of Mohits clique. His music has wide acceptability in Nigeria and beyond. He has made quite a number of songs, one of which is ten-ten.
Ten-ten is actually the subject of this article of mine. Of all the songs that Wande Cole has made, ten-ten is the single most important song that has refused to go off my mind because of a certain peculiarity in it.
The beauty of the world’s pop music is its diversity in the sense that global music is made up of many different genres. Some of the greatest genres are becoming extinct. If we must sustain the beauty of the world’s popular music, then we must continue to invent new styles of music.
What makes a style of music outstanding as to become a visible genre recognized by music fans? A style of music is outstanding when there are patterns or cultures that have become part of the identity of the music exclusively. During the formative years of Soul Music in the US and Reggae in Jamaica, Nigerians where not left out as Juju and Highlife were being invented in Nigeria concurrently. Juju and Highlife also became popular around the world as these other foreign styles did, selling Nigerian cultures from the southwest and southeast of the country respectively. There was also the big one, Afro-beat, invented singlehandedly by the late Fela “Anikulakpo” Kuti.
Since Juju, Highlife and Afro-beat, music inventors in Nigeria seem to have gone to sleep. All we hear is Afro-hip hop and Afro-reggae. Nigerians will be able to create an impact if what is created is head-over-heels home-made and original.
The song ten-ten by Wande Cole as said in the preceding parts of this piece of article, seem so peculiar that it can easily would have formed a lead to a new style of music. All that Wande Cole would have to do is to make a whole album in which the songs have similar patterns to that of ten-ten.
 It is not late.

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