Sep 6, 2010

Satisfying the Northern Political Elite or the Niger Delta People

I am a firm supporter of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency. The basis of my support is founded first on my believe that Mr. President is a remarkably descipline induividual from the manner in which he conducted himself throughout the period of hospitalization of late President Yar'adua and the things he has done within the period he has been as Aso Rock. I also believe that if we weight the issues of Rotation and the Restiveness in the Niger Delta, the later is a heavier challenge that needs urgency. The Jonathan Presidency will first of all give the people a sense of belonging. I am very confident that the silence in the Niger is partly due the the fact the people now have a sense of belonging by the presence of thier own in Aso Rock. Secondly, if there is any body that will give the greatest attention to the problem more than the rest of us, it will have to be someone from their who knows where the shoe pinches. The north should be able to be patient consdering the fact that people in the Niger Delta has never had it.

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