May 2, 2009

NEPA booed on Workers Day in Jos

The Worker’s Day celebration was held in Plateau State Nigeria, as it was in the remaining 35 states of the federation and around the world.

Usually the event is marked by a march-pass by different trade unions. The electric power authority, Power Holdings of Nigeria popularly known as NEPA, their old name, was booed by the crowd to show lack of approval for their poor services which has complicated the Nigerian economic problems. The NEPA delegation compounded their situation when they sang one song that is popularly with football fans, ‘ole ole ole ole…… ole…. Ole…….’

Pensioners matched normally and later gave a speech in which they expressed their appreciation to the administration of the state for ending their woes of a very long time.
Teachers marched but refused to sing any song. It was protest to the neglect of their profession by successive administration.

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