Sep 14, 2008

Mrs. Dantong and Privacy

The government of Plateau State under Rtd. Commodore Jonah David Jang has an outstanding position in the country as one that has given a lot of recognition to the women folks by conceding a reasonable number of political positions to them. Notably among these women is Mrs. Pauline Tallen who is the second most powerful person in the state by virtue of her position as the Deputy Governor of the state. She is the only woman with that status in the country presently and the first such woman in Northern Nigeria

If people troop into their houses, the implication is that it interferes with their privacy. Mrs. Gyang Dalyop Dantong whose spouse is the Senator representing Plateau North says the status of her husband as a senator makes him a busy person but it does not however, limit the time available for him and his family. Mrs. Dantong was at the ten-year anniversary celebration of Jumalyni Automobile Engineering Company at ITF Center of Excellence Bukuru Jos South where she donated one-hundred thousand naira on behalf of her husband.

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