Mar 22, 2009

Death of Gbong Gwom, Plateau State Govt. and The Federal Govt.

Following the challenge of the decision of the Federal Government to Investigate the Jos North Crisis of November 28 last year by the Plateau State Government, there has been tension between the Plateau State Government and the Federal Government. The tension further worsened when members of the Peoples Democratic Party at the national level advised that the Plateau State Government withdraw the case from court on grounds of PDP brotherhood.

Certain persons in Plateau State, who felt they have been left on the touch line as far as the events in the state’s PDP are concerned, decided to take advantage of the crack between the two tiers of the PDP to find relevance. They decided to declare the existence of two factions of the party with the Governor and the party Chairman in a faction they referred to as unrecognized and they in the second and recognized faction. These persons felt they will easily get endorsement from the party’s national body in view of the disagreement between it and the state’s branch. It only worked to compound fear of the unknown in the state especially among well meaning persons.

The death of the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Victor Pam on March 6 turned out to be a disappointment as a result of the loss his demise caused the people of the state. On the other hand, it appears the exit of the humble traditional ruler from the sinful planet might be the healing balm for the friction between the state and the federal governments. This is because the President wasted no time in personally coming to Jos to pay his condolence to the people of the state demonstrating that he is indeed a friend of the Plateau people. It was during that visit that his convoy was stoned by some misguided hoodlums.

Another key official of the Federal Government, the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Danbazzau paid the people of Plateau State a condolence visit too, finally laying bare the fact that all is now well. The action of the Federal Government is indeed commendable. Plateau State has been a friend of Yar’adua. They demonstrated this by the massive amount of votes they gave him during the Presidential elections of April 2007.

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