Jan 7, 2010

2010 Will Be One of the Most Chaotic Years in the history of Nigeria

There have been a lot of condemnations of the classification of Nigeria alongside terrorist nations by many in Nigeria. My opinion is that such a classification is justified.

It is agreed that there has not been any terrorist group targeting the US in Nigeria. The classification of the country with others that have harbored terrorists was based on the perception that Nigeria is a failed nation where it would be easy for such an attack to be planned successfully.

There are ample reasons for one to conclude that the nation is a failed nation. From 1999 when the new democracy came to Nigeria there have been a lot of killings as a result of one religious crisis or the other. There have been killings resulting from the issue of Sharia Law, land ownership, Boko Haram and now Kala Kato. Nobody was ever seen to have been punished despite the thousands that have perished as a result of this. Even the Niger Delta problem is a reflection of the failure of the Nigerian authorities. The Americans are seeing all these. What the American authorities have done is just to take the winds out of their sail.

It is now old-fashioned to make New Year resolutions. What is more fashionable is to make predictions. Along that line I would say that my prediction is that 2010 will be a year of remarkable chaos and suffering for the Nigerian masses.

I feel that the year 2010 would be one of the most dangerous years for Nigeria due to the incapacitation ill health has caused our president, Umar Musa Yar’adua. Even if he recovers from his sick bed, I am doubtful that he will have that physical and mental strength necessary for him to effectively administer his office as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. When he paid a visit to Jos to condole with the people of Plateau state following the death of the Gbong Gwom Jos, you could see clearly that the president was ill and had to compel himself to pay that visit in view of its significance.

In that circumstance I am confident that the president cannot read large volumes of documents that needs his endorsement effectively. Should he endorse such documents, he could do it without necessarily going through to see what it contains but will be doing it to relief himself. Furthermore Nigeria is known to have leaders that are not in office in the interest of its people but are there to help themselves. Should they err, the President would find it difficult to raise his voice against them if he is even aware that they have erred at all. They would continue to have their ways.

In my opinion the other members of the Nigerian cabinet, the Senate and the Houses of representatives are aware of this and would want to use it to their benefit. It is the reason why they have refused to support the suggestion that the President should resign. Due to this, I predict that the year 2010 would be one of the most chaotic and difficult years for the ordinary man in Nigeria even if the president recovers as he will not have that physical and mental strength that will allow him to be as assertive as he should be in order to be in full control.

Yiro Abari, Jos Nigeria

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