Nov 27, 2009

Mohammed Abubakar, the Linchpin of Quanpan People

Mohammed Abubakar is the most recent member of the Plateau State House of Assembly, having come to the House just six months ago.
Abubakar was born a Moslem at Kurgwi in Quanpan Local Government Area of Plateau State. He attended elementary and secondary schools education there and was later educated at the Department of Mass Communication of the University of Jos. He joined politics immediately. He was a councilor under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP between 2003 and 2007. In 2003 he contested to represent the people of Quanpan South at the Plateau State House of Assembly. He did not win. A DPP candidate however went to court asking it to cancel the election, claiming the electoral commission was not fair to his party. Satisfied with the evidence presented to it, the court went ahead to annul the election and directed that a new election be held. This time, Abubakar won the election which was held on the 28 March 2009.
According to the young but outspoken legislator, his constituency is one in which the people have failed to manage their ethic and religious differences as it should be. The result is perennial fighting, during which people are killed or maimed and lifetime possessions lost. The people however saw the need to come together and vote for him to make him their rep at the state house of assembly. This action of the people has led him to see himself as the unifying factor of the people of the constituency. Thus one of his goals to the constituency is working towards a lasting integration of the people. Related to this is the bill he is sponsoring for the establishment of an emergency respond centre to threat people in the event of religious or ethnic warfare.
Crisis among the people are most times the result of frustration due to leadership failure. Along this line, his predecessor who was wrongly sent to the House also failed since he was unable to initiate a single project to fill the development vacuum in the constituency during the two years he has been at the House. Abubakar however intends to tow a different line. The projects that are now at lintel or roofing levels in his constituency in just six months of his representation have vindicated him.
Besides the 5km township road project in Quanpan, there is just but the Dokan Tofa-Baab road project undertaken by the state government. Abubakar was not opened but the tone in his voice seems to suggest that more could have been done.
Abubakar is also full of praises to the House for living up to its duty of curtailing the excesses of the executive in the state. The House does not usually sit on Wednesdays. It however sat on Wednesday 18. It is due to the urgency of the agenda before the members. A court had ruled that the sitting Chairman of Mikang was wrongly declared a winner following the Chairmanship elections for local government councils but the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission failed to issue a certificate of return to the actual winner of the election as directed by a court. Their sitting on Wednesday was meant to compel the Chairman of the electoral commission to issue that certificate. The previous day, the House sat and passed only N4 billion as against the N14 billion that was tabled before the House by the executive as supplementary budget for the year 2009. The House did not do so without giving it’s a reason which was that the year is already spent and it will not be reasonable that the state can spend up to N14 billion in less than fifty days remaining for the year to end. These two events in the house, according to Abubakar are a demonstration of the ability of the house to check the excesses of the Plateau State executive arm of government.

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