Sep 1, 2009

The Significance of a DJ to a Community

The word DJ is often used to mean one who presents a music show on radio. Technically however, a DJ is he who mounts the music on a machine and commands it to play. He works on the instructions of the presenter who is wrongly referred to as the DJ. Here we will also abuse the term to refer to the presenter. It sounds more convenient. Thus in this context the DJ is the person whose voice you hear on radio.

This brings us to the significance of such personalities to the people they serve. DJs are no doubt significant to the community. Life is not worth living if it is unpleasant. The radio when it was invented added value to life thus making it more pleasant. Music is one joy that was derivable before the coming of broadcasting through radio transmission but one could not listen to it readily. The coming of radio transmission however ensured that any new music artists could have his songs played from the radio station so that a whole community within the transmission range could enjoy them. One can now listen to music from the radio station in his house, car or in the office as a result of radio technology. Since the DJ is he or she that plays the music, he becomes very significant as one who gives you that joy.

You cannot persuade the parents, relatives or friends of any successful musician to believe that the DJ is irrelevant to the community since they have seen the role DJs have played towards the fame and fortune of their son/daughter, relation or friend. The DJ is the link between the musician and the people because he relays the music from the artist to the people who then go to the market to buy, thereby making the artist rich and eventually, successful.

The DJ also finds relevant information about the artist and makes it available to the fans during the show. Thus the DJ entertains, educates and informs the people.

The coming of computer music technology has made it possible for a lot of youths in my own community to begin to experiment on becoming musicians. Many have succeeded and have found national and international fame. From the experience of my own community, DJs have often been biased in favor of local artists even when the music is of modest standard. In this wise, the DJ also gives hope to upcoming artists.

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