Feb 10, 2009

A Belated Later to Stanford Bridge

Posted By Yiro Abari
When a man or a woman becomes a fan to a football club, it becomes part of his life. Every human being works hard to find happiness. He thus tries to influence anything that affects his life to enable him to enjoy maximum joy. Chelsea’s fans around the world are not happy that the club is going badly currently. However the fans cannot all be football managers as too many cooks will definitely mess the broth, even though their suggestions sometimes matter.
As the title indicates, this is a latter that should have been sent immediately Chelsea won the last English FA Cup। Towards the end of that very season there were rumours that Jose Morhinho will be shown the way out. There were series of failures regarding the Champions League in addition to his inability to win that year’s league title. Worst of all was the obvious fact that the team had problems despite winning the FA Cup. My unsent letter was meant to plead with the team management to suspend the dismissal of the coach for a short while.

In-as-much as team managers set goals for coaches and make available the resources the coaches belief will help them to actualize the dreams of the club, we need to take into consideration the nature of the game –the best coach don’t win everyday। In average however, the record of a coach should demonstrate that he is a good coach. One can thus conclude that Morhinho is a good coach.

The aim of this later is not to call for the re-instatement of the Portuguese man back to Stanford Bridge. We know that it will not be possible, at least not in the immediate future. The aim is to ensure that we learn the lessons that have become obvious at Standford Bridge in the last one year an a half. The lesson is that football management requires a lot of resources and one of these resources is patience.


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